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    Bird of Paradise Resort grew from a lifelong love for style and fashion, a decade of global roaming, and a desire to create beautiful, timeless, quality pieces made to last. The brand was established by Alona and Oksana, two sisters who grew up in Ukraine. With a meager local garment market that did not leave much to be desired, the sisters united their strengths and styles to create pieces not available elsewhere. The desire to wear original clothing themselves encouraged them to pursue their dream of bringing unique designs to life for all women. Alona’s and Oksana’s shared vision and creative passion evolved into a business partnership.

    Inspired by their love for nature and the beauty of our planet, the sisters create fashion that celebrates traditional artisanal techniques, craftsmanship, and quality of design. In a fashion world that moves much too fast these days, Bird of Paradise Resort is nostalgic for handmade elegance, showcasing its own unique story and sincerity. The sisters love the idea of lasting fashion, which is why each Bird of Paradise Resort piece has a distinct finish that will make its customers treasure the garments forever.

    All Bird of Paradise Resort pieces are ethically and meticulously handmade, making quality and old-world craftsmanship the quintessential part of its production. The result of the sisters’ combined passion is a line of clothing that is fun, pure, and very feminine.

    The concept behind Bird of Paradise Resort is to create timeless pieces inspired by nature’s own beauty. The brand seeks to design key pieces that will give its customers comfort, ease of care, beauty, and a unique style that can be easily paired with existing wardrobe.

    Bird of Paradise Resort About Us


    Bird of Paradise Resort fashions will be an example of genuine style in this fast-paced world because quality goes hand-in-hand with honesty and integrity.

    We promote sustainable designer fashion by conscientiously sourcing all materials and components. This practice goes into every design we create to minimize the impact on the precious, natural resources of our beautiful planet.

    With integrity and the future in mind, we use only eco-friendly materials sourced from traceable and fair-trade suppliers. We create modern, yet feminine, pieces that have longevity rather than fleeting fads that are disposed of after the trend ends.

    Bird of Paradise Resort gives women a chance to feel and look more beautiful–in harmony with their own self and the nature surrounding them.

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