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    Linen Clothing For Women


    Reflecting an endless summer vibe with an Italian flair, our range of Spring/Summer 2021 consists of women’s linen clothes designed in the most effortless silhouettes. With each piece, you can expect to find individual and effortlessly feminine additions to your own wardrobe.

    Make a fashion statement with our newest collection, which brings the most exclusive, stylish, yet comfortable linen clothing for women.

    Browse our latest collection and  find the styles that fit for any occasion from weddings to parties and casual gatherings. Go through our variety of women’s linen clothes which includes stylish tops, chic sundresses, and elegant skirts and give your wardrobe a makeover with our eco-friendly and sustainable clothing brand.

    Limoncello Dress


    Bird of Paradise Resort grew from a lifelong love for dresses, a decade of global roaming, and a desire to create beautiful, timeless, quality pieces made to last. The brand was established by Alona and Oksana, two sisters who grew up in Ukraine⁠. With a local garment market that did not offer much to desire, the sisters united their complementing strengths and styles to create pieces not available elsewhere. Bird of Paradise Resort takes pride in being one of the emerging sustainable clothing brands, which is committed to making distinctive original designs available for every woman out there. Our ethically sourced linen clothing for women provides sheer satisfaction and gives a look that makes you stand out from the lot.

    handmade white summer dresses


    Our mission has always been to provide you with ethically sourced and meticulously handmade linen clothing for women that you could wear for a long time. We bring you the pieces that have longevity, unlike the fleeting fads that are disposed of after the trend ends. With our collection of dresses, skirts, tote bags and shirts, you can never run out of styling ideas. Browse our hand-embroidered street-style dresses, summer tops and skirts that will turn heads. Layer our Gardenia Dress with our signature white shirt and you are all set to make a crowd-pleasing appearance at any event.